Sponsorship FAQ

What are my payment options when I sign up to sponsor a child?

1) Credit Card – Click on the subscribe button on the Sponsor a Child Page and follow the directions. You will be able to create a personal account and decide when you would like payments to be made. This is our recommended and preferred way of payment. Donate today!

2) Check - You may also send a check made out to E3 Africa to the following address. Recurring payments through your bank’s Bill Pay option may also be possible. Please be sure to include the name(s) of your sponsored children (with EENU ID$#) in the memo section of these types of payments.

E3 Africa / Sponsorships
18521 E. Queen Creek Road, Ste. 105-273
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Most sponsors sign up for monthly payments but you can also do quarterly payments or yearly payments.

How do I cancel my sponsorship of a student?

We understand that life events or the economy may present challenges to your ability to support your student(s). Please send a notification to programs@e3africa.org if you need to adjust or cancel your sponsorship. The sooner we are aware of this need, the sooner we can act to ensure there is no loss of support for the students.

What does my sponsorship cover?

When you sponsor a child, you are providing them with an education. While each sponsorship contribution does not go directly to a specific child, when a student is sponsored, their tuition includes the following expenses.

  • Tuition
    • Enrollment Fees
    • Teacher and Admin Compensation
    • Study groups
    • Library Access and books
    • IT access to equipment and internet for learning
    • Opportunities for Agricultural Studies and access to STACE Demonstration Farm
  • Dormitory and Meals
    • Staff supervision 24/7
    • Sanitation Facilities
    • Clean Water
    • 3 Meals
  • Extra Curricular
    • Clubs and Activities
    • Sport Activities

What is not covered by my sponsorship?

  • Personal supplies, including soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads, laundry detergent, and the like
  • School uniform, physical education uniform, school books,and school supplies, School books.
  • Transportation to and from school before and after breaks
  • Clubs Activities may not be covered.
  • Inter-Scholastic Sport Competition Fees
  • University Applications Fees
  • Scholarship Application Fees (if any)

Can I send a package to my sponsored child?

We do not recommend sending anything to your sponsored child via mail as we have not had success with envelopes or packages making it to their final Ugandan destination. E3Africa tries to ensure that at least one mission team per year goes to Uganda and we are more than happy to carry something special for your child. However, due to space and weight restrictions we are not able to take large packages for your child. Instead, we ask that you write a letter and include anything you would like that will fit within that envelope.

If you would like to provide your child with a separate gift we can make that happen! Simply go to the E3 Africa website and make a one-time donation, include the full name of your child and EENU ID#, outline what you would like your donation to be used for. We will send the $$ on the next wire transfer that is sent to Uganda so funds can be distributed to your student.

Why are so many of the students so much older?

It is not uncommon to sometimes have older children until coming to E3 Africa for sponsorship. Many students do not have the opportunity to attend school, putting them behind the general age group for each grade level. Some children may begin their education at the proper age but may be forced to drop out of school due to the cost or because the parent needed extra help at home. This puts them behind when/if they are sponsored by E3 Africa.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves?

Sponsors are notified when we are certain a student has left. The sponsor is contacted right away and offered to continue supporting another student if possible. Reasons a student may be in need of sponsorship mid year due to unexpected financial hardships of their sponsor. If no student is available, sponsors are encouraged to continue supporting E3 Africa’s efforts in other ways, or consider waiting on a new student’s acceptance into the program. Some families let their school contacts know ahead of time that their student will no longer be attending. School administrators do their best to understand the situation of each child and their family. Unfortunately, sometimes the only information they can find is from neighbors who explain the family has moved.

We understand that sponsors feel connected to their children and are often saddened to hear their child has left, but we also pray that you will continue to support E3 Africa through sponsorship or alternative ways to give.